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AFL LIVE @ O'Tool's

NRL LIVE @ O'Tool's

2 x BIG 100" SCREENS + 5 PLASMA TV's

Live @ O’Tool’s Sports Bar

We’d love you to visit and relax with us. Bring your friends and family, have a drink, a snack or a meal. Watch your favorite sports programmes on our large screens and TV’s in an open-air breezy tropical Phuket style.


Two Big 100″ Screens Plus 5 Plasma Screens
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Sport Now Showing & Coming Up

EPL Season 2020/21

Check out our Sports page

Championship 2020/21

Check out our sports page

F1 Formula 1 2020

Round Race Circuit Date 1 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring Jul 3-5 2 Steiermark Grand Prix Red Bull Ring Jul 10-12 3 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring Jul 17-Jul 19 4 British Grand Prix Silverstone Jul 31-Aug 2 5 70th Anniversary Grand Prix Silverstone Aug 7-Aug 9 6...

NRL | All Games Showing LIVE

14 March - 8 September 2019

NRL Karon Beach Showing Live

NRL Karon Beach Showing Live at Angus O'Tool's

UFC/MMA Fight Night 2020

U.S. events are shown live on Sunday mornings, for other locations please ask.

Sports Calendar

Sports Calendar, check it out, all sporting events for 2019
otools sports calendar

Live Sports in Karon Beach Phuket

Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, American Football, Football, Footy Aussie, Gaelic Football, Gaelic Hurling, Golf, Hockey, Gymnastics, Handball, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, Motor Bikes, Motor Cars, Muay Thai, Kard Chuek, Multi Sports, Netball, Olympics, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Ultimate Fighting, Volleyball, Water Sports, Winter Sports – Alpine Skiing, Bandy, Bobsleigh, Curling, Cross-Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing , Figure Skating , Luge, Skeleton , Ski Jumping , Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Slalom, Wrestling

Live Events in Karon Beach Phuket

Athletics : IAAF, Baseball : MLB, Basketball : FIBA, NBA, Boxing : IBF, WBA, WBF, WBO, WBC, Cricket : Ashes Tour, Tests, ODI, T20, Twenty20, BBL, IPL, ICC, Cycling : UCI, Darts : WDF, BDO, Football American : LFL, NFL, Football Soccer : EFL, EPL, SPL, FA, FFL, FIFA, MLS, UEFA, Footy Aussie : AFL, G.A.A. : GAA, Golf: PGA, USPGA, Handball: EHF, IHF, Hockey : EHF, FIH, Horse Racing : Ice Hockey : KHL, NHL, SHL, Motor Sports : F1, FIA, FIM, IMS, Indy 500, Nascar, MotoGP, Superbikes : SBK, V8 Supercars, Olympics : IOC, Netball : INF, NNA, NNZ, Rowing : Henley, Rugby League : NRL, RFL, Rugby Union : EPCR, NZR, SANZAAR, Sevens, WR, Sailing : Tennis : ATP, WTO, Ultimate Fighting MMA : UFC, WMC, WMF, WMO,Volleyball: FIVB, Winter Sports : FIS, Wresting : WWE Raw, Smackdown

Live Shows in Karon Beach Phuket

Showing ALL Games LIVE: Amateurs, Professionals, Championships, Preseason, Seasons, Leagues, Qualifiers, Qualifying, Knockouts, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Finals, Cups, Finals Series, Playoffs, World Cups, Fight Nights, King of the Ring, Champions, Champions League, World Series, World Championships, Euro’s, European Championships, Charity Shields, Community Series, Community Shields, Tournaments, Warmups, Practice, Raceday, Regattas, Eliminators, Titles, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,America’s, Europe, African, Europe, Asian, Pacific, Northern, Southern, Hemispheres, Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, Singles, Doubles, Pairs, Teams etc.

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